Lukas Schleuniger

About Me

I am Swiss born and Silicon Valley raised, a combination which has left me with a unique worldview, taking in the best of both worlds. After completing high school in Palo Alto, I moved back to Switzerland, where I completed my degree in Finance at the University of Zurich. Whilst in college I was heavily involved in the startup scene further fueling my passion for technology and entrepreneurship. After a short stint in the Swiss military completing my basic service, I joined Dacuda, an advanced Swiss computer vision startup. After a fun 2.5 years, filled with learning, challenges, and successes, Dacuda was successfully sold in an exit to MagicLeap. My curiosity and determination got the best of me, and I left after the acquisition to start Red or Blue Labs with a team of incredible co-founders. In 2022, I decided it was time to step back operationally from Red or Blue Labs, and move into the field that has fascinated me since my earliest Palo Alto days - Venture Capital & Investments. Joining Daniel Gutenberg - a legendary swiss angel investor - on his investment team. Additionally, I continue to host the occasional conference or event on topics that interest me.

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My Philosophy

I believe in the power of technology, the ability to innovate, and in compassion to change the world for the better. One of my greatest sources of inspiration has been my great grandmother, born in 1906 and died in 2013, she was born shortly after the Wright brothers made the first powered flight and died in the age of the iPhone, experiencing it all within one lifetime. We are living in one of the most beautiful times in history, as a friend of mine in Palo Alto once put nicely "This is the Renaissance, and we are in Florence". I am passionate about building things, supporting projects, and discussing matters that will bring us all a step forward. Very much so in tune with my personal motto "never give up and never surrender", there is always a way forward, new innovation, new ideas that will make this world a better place.


Always stay Curious.


The Pursuit of Knowledge is a Lifelong Endeavor.


Build the World You Want to Live In.


Shape Our Future.

My Interests

TV / Media / Events

I enjoy hosting events and shows in areas that I am passionate about, be it TV or live events.

Cutting Edge Technology

I greatly enjoy learning about new technological developments and where we are pushing the frontiers of what is possible.

The Next Generation

I believe that one of the most important elements in life is the people you surround yourself with, I am always looking to meet new amazing people from around the world.

Investment Opportunities

I’m always looking for new and exciting investment opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions I often get mostly related to what I do.

I have hosted a number of different events both live and in person. I take a very hands on approach to what I do, it's not just a simple Hello and Goodbye, it is a story that is being told at every event, it is a crowd that needs to be engaged and motivated, hence I like to really get to know the concept to deliver a great performance. For example, I have hosted the Digital Festival in Zürich, one of Switzerland's largest digital conferences, since its inception in 2016. In 2019 I co-hosted and produced Show Me Tech on CNN Money Switzerland.

Yes you can ! I am interested in a variety of different topics, ranging from technology, startups, entrepreneurship to finance, medicine, and education. I generally propose a conversation to find out what your needs are, and to see if it is a good fit.

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Zürich, Switzerland